Franklin High School Computer Science

Welcome to the Computer Science Pathway at Franklin High School. My name is Mr. Dagler, and I am the teacher for this pathway. In this website, you will find a description for all of the classes I teach and how I connect my students to industry partners: guest speakers, field trips, coding camps, and competitions.

Programming and web-development are the two pathways I offer. The three year sequence for the programming pathway is Exploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A. The three year sequence for the the web-development pathway is Exploring Computer Science, Web-Development 1 and Web-Development 2. You will earn a graduation cord when you take one additional course in either pathway. If you are interested in my classes or have any other questions, please contact me at or (916) 714-8150 x 41912.

Exploring Computer Science

Discover the vast world of computer science • Learn the command line interface • Develop problem-solving skills and techniques • Program using the C language • Create code for modular robotics • Compete at a statewide programming/robotics competition.

AP Computer Science Principles

Explore how computing and technology is impacting us today through a project-based approach • Address real-world problems involving Big Data and Cybersecurity • Earn a 5.0 GPA bump and college credit by taking the AP test.

AP Computer Science A

Learn content equivalent to a first-semester college-level course in CS • Learn object-oriented programming using the Java language • Solve problems by developing algorithms and using data structures • Compete at HP CodeWars • Earn a 5.0 GPA bump and college credit by taking the AP test.

Web Design and Development

Develop web sites using HTML5 and CSS • Insert images, create hyperlinks, add tables, forms, videos and audio to Web pages • Validating HTML code • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Implementing fundamental design concepts • Intro to JavaScript, Image Maps, BootStrap, SVG, and PGP.