AP Computer Science A

Teacher Information

 Mr. Dagler



Course Overview

AP Computer Science A is equivalent to the first-semester of a college level course in computer science. The course introduces problem solving and programming using Java. The topics in this course include: program class design, implementation techniques, programming constructions, Java library classes and interfaces included in the AP java subset, testing, debugging, runtime exceptions, program correctness, algorithm analysis, numerical representations of integers, primitive data types, strings, classes, lists, one and two dimensional arrays, sorting, searching, and operations on data structures. A minimum of 20 hours for hands on lab experiences are also part of the course. Discussions on the ethical and social implications of computers including protection of privacy, intellectual property, and public safety will be included throughout the school year.

Industry Connections

The Computer Science Pathway

This course is part of a three-year computer science pathway. The courses in order are Exploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A. Each of these courses is a prerequisite of the one before it.

Student Testimonials

I liked the labs we did with java that compelled us to think outside the box.
- Sameer

I liked the labs and being able to collaborate on code with my row partners. I also like being able to work individually on challenging projects.
- Zack

I enjoyed how the class was like an adventure. We explored different concepts and were able to try many things on our own, but whenever we needed help, Mr. Dagler was always there. It was fun. :)
- Denise

I like this class because it involves a lot of Math and critical thinking.
- Peiqi

I liked learning how to code in a fun way that I can use in the future.
- Nick

It is very interactive with a combination of notes and doing it independently.
- Sophia