Web Design and Development

Teacher Information

 Ms. Rodriguez



Course Overview

This course focuses on the fundamental concepts of the JavaScript language. This course will empower you with the skills to design client-side, platform-independent solutions that greatly increase the value of your Web site by providing interactivity and interest. You will learn how to use JavaScript to communicate with users, modify the Document Object Model (DOM), control program flow, validate forms, animate images, create cookies, change HTML on the fly, and communicate with databases. Some of the additional topics include Image Maps, BootStrap, SVG, FlexBox, SASS, TypeScript and Vue.js.

Industry Connections

The Computer Science Pathway

Web Design and Development is an elective class in the pathway, and it includes dual enrollment with a local college.

Student Testimonials

I liked how we all worked at our own pace and that if we needed help Mr. Dagler was very supportive and guided us to the solutions.
- Gabriel

The projects were very straight forward but required us to do research and learn about new tags. This class really promoted self research with help available if necessary.
- Christopher

I liked that we were given 2 weeks to complete big projects.
- Aniyah