2023 - 2024


  • Develop web sites with HTML5 and CSS

  • Validate HTML code using W3C

  • Use images including Image Maps and SVG

  • Learn responsive design with BootStrap and FlexBox

  • Use JavaScript to communicate with users and modify DOM

  • Develop modern pages with transpilers like TypeScript and SASS

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Meet your instructor.

Lynette Rodriguez

Lynette Rodriguez

AP CSP and Web Development Instructor

Hear what past students have to say.

I liked how we all worked at our own pace and that if we needed help Mr. Dagler was very supportive and guided us to the solutions.

- Gabriel

The projects were very straight forward but required us to do research and learn about new tags. This class really promoted self research with help available if necessary.

- Christopher

I liked that we were given 2 weeks to complete big projects.

- Aniyah

Web Development captured my heart with its ability to turn imagination into tangible digital creations that can be experienced by millions of people.

- Ameet

Franklin Computer Science

by Esteban Garcia & Omar Sadat