2023 - 2024


  • Learn content equivalent to a first-semester college-level course in CS

  • Learn object-oriented programming using the Java language

  • Solve problems by developing algorithms and using data structures

  • Compete at HP CodeWars

  • Earn a 5.0 GPA bump and college credit by taking the AP test

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Hear what past students have to say.

I liked the labs we did with Java that compelled us to think outside the box.

- Sameer

I liked the labs and being able to collaborate on code with my row partners. I also like being able to work individually on challenging projects.

- Zack

I enjoyed how the class was like an adventure. We explored different concepts and were able to try many things on our own, but whenever we needed help, Mr. Dagler was always there. It was fun.

- Denise

I like this class because it involves a lot of Math and critical thinking.

- Peiqi

I liked learning how to code in a fun way that I can use in the future.

- Nick

It is very interactive with a combination of notes and doing it independently.

- Sophia

Franklin Computer Science

by Esteban Garcia & Omar Sadat