2023 - 2024


  • The first course in the three-year pathway

  • Learn the command line interface

  • Develop problem-solving skills and techniques

  • Program using the C language

  • Solve problems using control flow, arrays and iteration

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Hear what past students have to say.

I thought I was fascinating that a little programming could do something so cool like outputting your name. It just made me wonder, what else can coding do?

- Janelle

The very first coding problem I was assigned was to create a code that outputs the user's name. At first, I was struggling to see what was wrong with it, and all of a sudden it hit me! I fixed my error and the code started working. The feeling of satisfaction I had in that moment is indescribable, and I get that feeling each time I successfully complete a code. My first experience got me thinking… What else can I do with programming?

- Sanjitha

Franklin Computer Science

by Esteban Garcia & Omar Sadat