2023 - 2024


  • Explore how computing and technology is impacting us today through a project-based approach

  • Address real-world problems involving Big Data and Cybersecurity

  • Learn the history of the internet and how it works

  • Earn a 5.0 GPA bump and college credit by taking the AP test

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Meet your instructor.

Lynette Rodriguez

Lynette Rodriguez

AP CSP and Web Development Instructor

Hear what past students have to say.

AP Computer Science Principles provided me with a class that I was comfortable enough with to step out of my comfort zone and collaborate with new people.

- Royce

AP Computer Science Principles allowed me to collaborate with my peers and it helped open my mind to new technology. I was able to learn ideas and concepts that could be applied to the real world.

- Nicole

I liked that the curriculum taught felt very distinguished from other classes. It was a very unique class, and I felt that what I learned applied much more to the real life than normal high school courses. Everyday I saluted Mrs. Rodriguez at the door, with a wide smile on my face, ready to learn something new.

- Joshua

Franklin Computer Science

by Esteban Garcia & Omar Sadat