2023 - 2024


  • Gain an understanding of various ML models

  • Use regression to model continuous data

  • Predict discrete results using classification models

  • Discover unknown patters with clustering models

  • Additional topics include association rule learning, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing

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Hear what past students have to say.

I enjoy collaborating with others, trying to figure out the labs and fixing the errors we have. The content of the class intrigues me because I feel machine learning is going to be a major part of our future and learning it early will benefit us.

- George

I liked the fact that labs followed every instruction in class. I really enjoyed collaborating with my peers on solving errors in the labs. I liked the fact that labs allowed me to practice the skills I learned in class, and allowed me to tackle new problems as well.

- Sia

I loved how we're able to work in groups to collaborate in this class and the help I got from other classmates and Mr. Dagler!

- Bronte

I liked the energy of the classroom and the coding.

- Maroof

I liked the collaboration in this class and working on the labs and other work with my classmates.

- Jordan

Franklin Computer Science

by Esteban Garcia & Omar Sadat